• dan piano chinh hang
  • dan piano chinh hang
  • dan piano chinh hang


Placement piano

 1. Avoid herd direct sunlight or near a window or places susceptible to the effects of ambient air,

2. Avoid windows: the windows may be a factor adversely affecting the herd during storage as this is where change occurs most dramatically temperature. If you have to put the piano in the window, you should use a thick curtain to cover direct sunlight and have a closed herd.

3. Do not place too close to the wall above: When placed above, attention creates a void behind him because if too close to the wall above would not ensure the necessary ventilation may cause moisture condensation rear panels sound and acoustics of the above restrictions.

 4. Avoid heat sources: Absolutely not placed above where the heat source is too large as placed near the refrigerator, furnace or electrical devices may heat.

          As we have seen major Piano weight, so a nice location in the heart have as much stability as possible, do not move a lot, you should also pay attention to avoid layout agents may limit sound like Curtains will absorb too much sound, the sound makes no wine or floor, wall too slippery, smooth sound to create echoes, bounces or noise. If the structure of your house made wine or guitar sound was too intense, you can restrict using a mat beneath the board.

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