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The red mahogany piano

 When I was 20, I rented for an effective sales St. piano Louis. Once, we were issued a "orders" is a postcard from Southeast Missouri. On the postcard, it was written, "Please bring a red mahogany piano to give my grandchildren. I will pay $ 10 per month contribution by the sale of eggs." Through the character can guess who wrote it was an elderly woman. She wrote that sentence repeated watertight postcard, write all the leftover paper frill on the front until only a small frame address.

Of course our company can not sell the piano installment $ 10 per month. Should we ignore the postcard type sheets.

However, until one day, in Southeast Missouri that have a few more people buying the piano and we must carry to that herd. Out of curiosity, I wanted to address the lady see stars. Almost exactly what I imagine: grandmother living in a hut next to a field substandard.

Floors are dirty shack. Chickens are flounder: no car, no phone, no occupation. Nothing except a roof, and it is also not a good roof. Granddaughter grandmother about 10 years old, barefoot and dressed patch.

I explained to the lady that we are very sad about the lady did not help. But it seems that what I explained there was no effect. Every six weeks, we received a postcard y alike. There should be a red mahogany piano, and swears she will pay $ 10 / month. About two years later, I opened a company entrusted with the sale of their own piano, and sometimes I advertised in local newspapers Missouri. I began to receive postcards as each company received in old. In months, I also ignore the postcard sheets that go, because I know what to do anyway?

But then, one day in the company I have imported some new piano style, which has a red mahogany guitar. Despite knowing he could cause losses to the company, I have decided to put the instrument on passenger cars to the lady and said that if she paid $ 10 / month, she will have to pay 52 times. I put the piano in place are less likely to leak most. I also told her to keep the baby and we do not jump on the piano chick. Then me to the car company's nails is considered as security that he had for not a guitar.

But every 10 dollars that were sent to me very regularly every month. Both 52 months. Sometimes it is not only the amount of paper that is the coin used sticky tape affixed to a postcard.

Get enough money I do not have contact with another woman for 20 years. Until one day when traveling in Memphis, I stop at a restaurant for a meal. There I heard the piano being the best that I have ever heard. And as a very beautiful girl playing.

I approached her and stood listening. When finished playing music, we talk together, and really like a miracle, that's the patch-dressed girl in a small hut 20 years ago.

The girl since she was ordered to red mahogany piano, she has won numerous music awards and local school. Now she has her family and she was lost.

I asked if she knew the piano mahogany red mean how not. The girl said she was too young at that time, only a guitar without understanding much. But I do understand.

Finally, I told her:

- I'm glad to see her again, and now I have to go on.

And I really have to go on, because you know, he never wanted to be seen crying in public.

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