• dan piano chinh hang
  • dan piano chinh hang
  • dan piano chinh hang


How to care for piano

 Vietnam hot weather conditions and humidity. So to use and preserving get piano sound good, long life, you should pay attention to the following precautions:

1. Failing to crack the wall, so a minimum of 5-10cm.

2. Not to herd near hot and humid locations, such as water tanks, bathroom, kitchen ..., where the sun is shining directly

3. In humid rainy season, monsoon, so constantly plugged straw to the division of labor are made in hold status above standard (labor encounter high humidity will absorb water and swell will make the match motion stuck). The family put in a room above the cold air, depending on the use of air conditioning or not so often that plugs straw or monitor to see the sensitivity of low key, stuck the jack hammer 24h / 24h. You should not to plug too much straw, 24h / 24h every month to month, year to year, even in the dry season because too many plugs straw will dry guitar, wood, labor and equipment shrinkage cracking the Forum will be the reputation, the rope will hold a loose latch due to wood shrinkage. Men need vua.4 humidity. If the herd has a low frequency of use (about 60phut / day) annually for a professional should check once to tune, adjust the machine or press the unit warranty.

5. After you have finished using the memory cover and cover coverlet keyboard keys.

6. Do not place heavy objects, warming the roof above.

7. Do not clean with water above. Should cleaning dusters and piano with a soft cloth (smooth surface).

8. Do not arbitrarily impact on the basis of the above.

9. Do not let termites, ants, cockroaches, especially in male rats. With herds originating from Japan, under Pedal herd only 3 small holes where mice can only target. Should sponge stuffed in there to not get into the mouse and occasionally check the sponge may also not. If you find a voice within the male rat, call a professional immediately.
10. It should be on board to the Minister for towels to items on the above does not make scratches. Do not get water inside flower vases on the roof above because if flowerpot dump, water will flow directly into the stomach of male hammer. Hammer will be bloated and required replacement. Very high cost of replacing hammer and bigger problem is sometimes not the right type components to replace and completely above will lose value.

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