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11 years old and prestigious awards for piano

 11 years old, but Quach Hoang Nhi, Intermediate Piano generation students, Academy of Country Music Vietnam has owned a collection of prestigious awards at piano competitions in the country.
Born into a family no one way of professional art, guitar Children come with such a fate. In times to visit relatives, see uncle playing the piano, Children feel extremely excited and actively ask families to come learn the piano when he was 4 years old and less than literate. Family for me to go to school only with the desire to herd children said and deeply felt better about life. However, after only a short time, Pediatrics has advanced quickly, to grasp more knowledge about music and piano technique. 5 years old, his parents sent Pediatrics contest Childrens Piano Festival in Hanoi Seventh and they were excellent first prize.

Since that success, Wu entered the process of hard work to turn conquer international competitions. You have to memorize the music long, sometimes up to a dozen pages, and learn music with rhythmic passages, complex beats ... Time for practice piano and many more, need to arrange for education Study of the herd so that reasonable. The difficulties that make you not at times daunting. But the attention of the family, the caring help of teachers, I have constantly striven to pursue passions, dreams of becoming a professional pianist around. In response to the tireless efforts that you consecutively won international piano prizes: first prize for piano Table B International Music Competition Tidone Val-27th at the I-ta-li-a 2014; Second Prize Piano Competition Table B international young talents 4th at I-ta-li-a 2014; Table 3 Consolation Prize International Piano Competition Rosario Marcinno 6th in Vienna (Austria) in 2014; First Prize Table A Mozart International Piano Competition for the third time in Thailand in 2013 ... The performances of Pediatrics gives expression in many different tones, subtly expressed in feel and recoil "the substance" of each work, each composer. The main thing that has helped many professionals Pediatrics leading music appreciation and "enchanting" music audience.

Although young, but Quach Hoang Nhi has Scores are not inferior siblings ahead. His passion, enthusiasm, effort of the Children have contributed to the music of Vietnam "reached out into the ocean" on par with international friends.

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