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Grand Piano

Essex EGP-173C MP

Essex EGP-173C MP

Include Guide
Heating pipes
The tissue keys
Lock key
Warranty: 5 years
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Steinway & Sons designed by collaboration with renowned designer William Faber, Essex was created as a dedication to the idea of ​​the style and design for a beautiful piano and perfection is possible in every level old. With an elegant style and tradition, Essex will be a great addition to your home. With so many diverse models of style, size, and type of timber will fit every layout and every family's life.

Essex incorporate the latest design and technical improvements from the dedicated research and development team of Steinway. By using specially designed materials, engineering large-scale production, and production environments are carefully selected, Essex may bring musical performances that were previously unattainable in its price range.

With Essex piano, you get more than the best value of the instrument. You'll get the full investment guarantees, as each Essex pianos are supported by Steinway & Sons and serviced by technicians trained Steinway. When your purchase is also supported by Steinway commitment: If you decide to change your Essex piano for a new Steinway grand piano tree at any time within ten years, you will get a credit equivalent to the original value of Essex pianos.

Thanks to the special design of Steinway frame, grand piano in the tail wide Essex will than most other pianos same length. This allows the soundboard area (barrel resonance) larger, thereby creating a richer sound. Soundboard by Steinway slim design always helps fluctuate more freely and provide greater sound volume. Essex Piano designed like Steinway, all movement of the wood (no plastic) for quality and high reliability are proven and control. In addition, parts of Essex pianos are designed by Steinway, pinblock, strings, brackets, braces, and horse herd, as well as regulatory and manufacturing processes. Results, Essex, is simply the best piano possible in its price range today.

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