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Samick JS-300NSTD

Samick JS-300NSTD

Include Guide
Heating pipes
The tissue keys
Lock key
Warranty: 5 years
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Samick Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of the oldest piano, Korea's largest and third largest Piano sales worldwide. In cuSamick music history was born and developed from a small workshop production of about one hundred piano one year, up to now with a network of modern manufacturing base and reach the sophistication of more than 30,000 products annual export piano. They export the piano to the Asia - Pacific, Europe, America and the world market truongkhac.

For the first time in the history of Samick launched a series of grand piano was born using the CNC. This is a production system moikhuyen manufacturer fox famous German piano, C.Bechstein. Bechstein's German engineering has recently provided a Samick consulting firm and worked with them to produce Samick New Grand (NSG) within the piano.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control of. This is a computer term for the process of producing modern robot is operated by three chieu.Nhung computer software robot can be programmed to cut within 1/100 mm, so the size of the product achieve high accuracy and error a certain percentage. Recently, Samick acquired CNC system integration is produced in Germany. Today, Samick is currently the only piano manufacturer in Asia to use the technical systems of Germany and demonstrate one of the most popular versions are used worldwide.

Audio model featured included in inclined surfaces meticulously composed.

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