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Grand Piano

Kawai RX-2

Kawai RX-2

Include Guide
Heating pipes
The tissue keys
Lock key
Warranty: 5 years
Free shipping city

Kawai Grand Piano Men RX-2 combination of classic and modern are created from the patient craftsman, creative and meticulous. Kawai Grand Piano Men RX-2 will turn your villa into a lively musical garden.


Softfall fallboard system protect hands and fingers of the player piano and protects completely undamaged by the collision caused.


Price music (music book shelves) can adjust the distance (forward and backward) and with 3 angle suitable for the needs of pianist


ABS CARBON - new millennium III action

Made from ABS Carbon, New Millennium III Action is seen as the most advanced piano factory in the world today with these advantages:

- Stronger ABS Carbon traditional wood, almost nowhere affected under the effect of temperature and humidity of the environment

- Faster "bounce" of New Millennium III action faster than traditional machines by 25%, which helps the player piano expression techniques easier, more accurate

- Spanish deeper Forum: based on the principle of leverage, but the New Millennium III action provides better transmission capabilities, helping people use more energy playing little-known but still above "Deep", "Sure" and sound intensity wider band (resonant)

- Controls Good: New Millennium III action meticulously designed to make up the richness of expression, help players to show, conveying all the most complex emotions

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