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Upright Piano

Boston UP-132E PE

Boston UP-132E PE

Include Guide
Heating pipes
The tissue keys
Lock key
Warranty: 5 years
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 Boston Piano large size, are made upon the Steinway & Sons designed the famous, in addition to the diverse mix at first without any other instrument in the same price range.

Compared to other pianos, string tension less Boston. This tension reduction allows a larger soundboard, creating firmer tone sound and better quality banks (as longtime piano). A variety of structural parts other improvements including replacement of components optimized rib, and the horse herd frame, also contribute to the excellent sound and solid increases above Boston.

Boston piano soundboard brings larger than the length of the piano, because designing innovative "wide tail". Case and broader structural herd means above Boston 5'10 "also resembles the grand piano soundboard area 6'2" normal, creating the strong, the thick sound, and feel like you're playing the piano bigger.

Each soundboard of the piano Boston are handmade from wood Sitka spruce, proved to be material for the best sound resonance. The soundboard Boston also worked meticulously, allowing freer vibration. Along with some special technology - patented by Steinway & Sons unique - the result is a powerful sound and robust.

The fine wood glued panels beneath the elegant piano Boston - walnut and mahogany color with satin or gloss paint, instead of the classic black - all designed to make voyeuristic and enrich the experience of playing .

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